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Corsovinci - Pietro Tenca

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This story begins in the green heart of Umbria, with a young Pietro Tenca who becomes passionate about the goldsmith's art handed down to him from his father and inherits his workshop in the center of Perugia. For him it has never been a simple family business, but a real treasure of values ​​and craftsmanship to be learned and preserved, to be revived in a modern key.

The value of craftsmanship in the Pietro Tenca collections

he He completes his training in industrial design and then decides to specialize in "lost wax casting" in Florence, an ancient technique also used for the Riace Bronzes, where a goldsmith technical wax is sculpted. This allows the craftsman to create three-dimensional objects and jewels. The classic jewelry instead is based on the technique of fusion of plate and wire. With his subsequent period of study in Barcelona, ​​Pietro refines his technique and at the same time allows himself to be influenced by urban elements, which he will bring back to his manufactures.

Tenca between classicism and modernity

Tenca jewels are all unique pieces. Made of 925 silver or 750 gold (75% pure gold) tailored to suit every need. They embody the values ​​and craftsmanship, handed down over the years from father to son, between classicism and modernity. His collections are: Love Animal, inspired by the world of animals and Geometric, with regular and clean shapes.