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There is always a big story behind a great brand. And that’s exactly the case of Bulova, one of the most important companies of watchmaking around the world.

Making 143 years of craftsmanship and precision: discover more about Bulova collection

Joseph Bulova, a young man with innate entrepreneurial talent, launched his first Jewelry in Manhattan in 1875. Shortly after he started a mass production new to watchmaking. In 1926 Bulova announced the first beep of history with commercial advertising about watches Bulova on radio and television.

Technological innovation of Bulova

It is not widely known that in 1931, Bulova has appeared to be the first manufacturer to offer electric clocks, later named “Accutron". The watch was chosen by NASA for a space project Satellite Vanguard 1 and higher. The exponential growth of the brand happened also after the Bulova had become the watch of the United Stated Army Air Forces. A few weeks later Bulova’s “Accutron” watches were defined as watches of “Space Edge”, which soon became a status symbol at a time.