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Founded in 1861, with 150 years of experience behind it, the Junghans brand embodies images of quality, reliability and precision. A fascinating story that begins in Schramberg with the aim of merging tradition and modernity, trying to "give shape to time".

Iconic style at all times

Along his path in watchmaking he has been able to exploit cutting-edge technologies while keeping his philosophy high: always winking an eye to the future, but without forgetting his values. Creative sensitivity and a skilful handcrafted touch have led to the development of timeless trendy timepieces. Elegant, but at the same time trendy and captivating for a younger audience.

Test the quality of Junghans watches

High performance collections ranging from the most classic to the most technological models with radio-controlled or satellite movement. The use of increasingly sophisticated high-tech materials shows how much the "Made in Germany" brand has been able to incorporate modern technologies, with a design that knows how to excite.