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Maurice Lacroix

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Maurice Lacroix is a Swiss luxury company based in Saignelégier. The company, at the time "Deso Von Schulthess" in 1889 produced high quality timepieces on behalf of third parties.

History of tradition and craftsmanship

In 1975 he entered the market, marketing his own watches under the name of Maurice Lacroix. So it was that in 1980, thanks to the feedback obtained from the sale of own brand watches, he stopped manufacturing for other brands to devote himself completely to the production of his own Maurice Lacroix watches, thus investing in the growth of his business.

Maurice Lacroix: a style icon to always wear

Right from the start, the brand has distinguished itself among collectors around the world, for its unique, high-quality trait, traditional precision and exceptional craftsmanship combined with creative design.