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U-Boat 9160 Classico U-47 47mm AB1
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Watchmaking that embraces aesthetics and makes it a starting point to celebrate its history. We are talking about U-Boat, a brand that enhances the craftsmanship of his land di lui, Tuscany.

Dress up your time with unique watches

The designer Italo Fontana was inspired by the projects made by his grandfather di lui, dating back to 1942 when the Navy commissioned a watch for its pilots, but which never saw the light. He thus decided to give them a concrete cut and to use them as a starting point for what will become the hallmark of the brand.

Designed to withstand everyday challenges

Large watches with a unisex cut, with a large crown positioned on the left side, maximum visibility and reliability in all conditions. An artisanal product that ranges between different materials, from classic steel to the more technological magnesium, carbon, titanium and ceramic, reflecting the values ​​of the brand and bringing back the focus on Made in Italy. For those who don't like a standard timepiece, but want to be daring.