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Mido watches see the light in 1918 from the creative vision of George Schaeren. It owes its name to a Spanish phrase "Yo mido" (I measure). The ultimate goal of the eclectic Swiss watchmaker was to convey a revolutionary line with a simple and timeless style.

To each their own Mido watch

It immediately turned to a male and female audience with refined watches, inspired by the fashion of the time, and art deco. Fiat, Bugatti, Ford, Hispano-Suiza, Buick are some of the most famous brands that inspired the Mido brand in the making of its watches. Their shape resembled the radiator grille of a car. Some significant milestones in the history of the brand are marked by the birth of innovations in terms of design and technologies. The first in 1934 with the launch of one of the most successful collections of the brand, the Ocean Star collection, still the flagship of the brand. The Multifort line also finds ample space on the market thanks to its characteristics. These are in fact self-winding, waterproof and shock-resistant antimagnetic watches. Another milestone dates back to 1954, the year in which the “Powerwind” automatic recharge was launched.

Let yourself be tempted by the refined design

Yesterday as today, the brand's mission has always been to create watches with an excellent relationship between quality and price, making these objects "an affordable luxury", robust, avant-garde, with excellent automatic movements and high quality materials.