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Philip Watch

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The Giardiniello family began to write their own history in 1858 in Naples, their union with the Swiss François Philippe highlighted the watch industry, starting to produce pocket watches. Over 150 partnerships between Swiss technology and Italian design.

When Italy and Switzerland write a winning story

In 1923 the Philippe Watch brand was registered, but the similarity with the Patek Philippe brand led to its name being changed to "Philip Watch". The Italian brand also founded Sector, a brand renowned for its sports watch lines in the 90s. In 2006 the Morellato group took over Philip Watch and Sector, thus continuing to be a quirk of Italian watchmaking in the world.

Choose the watch that best follows your style!

Sophisticated shapes that set trends. Wristwatches with retro lines, interspersed with more contemporary designs. Philip Watch offers essential, elegant and classy watches, finely crafted with materials, such as silver adorned with chrome details.